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2017年12月25日 星期一

80'-90's 西洋音樂 Band Aid — 【Do They Know It’s Christmas】

80's - 90's 西洋音樂 #13 — 【Do They Know It's Christmas】
Band Aid — Original Version 1984
1984/11/25 錄製、同年11/29發行單曲,為【衣索比亞饑荒】的慈善募捐聖誕歌曲,集合了當時許多著名的英國、愛爾蘭歌手及樂團一起演唱。在影片中可以看到很多歌手的年輕模樣(至今33年)!曾經為英國單曲排行榜有史以來銷售最快的單曲!此曲及MV幾乎是在24小時之內錄製完成!真是不容易!

這首歌詞提醒我們在聖誕時節,想想那些生活在非洲貧苦飢餓的難民,生活困頓,吃不飽也穿不暖,個個瘦骨如柴,恐怕不知道現在正是歡樂的聖誕節?!永遠無法忘記電視上播出的畫面:  瘦到見骨的難民們, 挺著鼓起的肚子, 有些小孩甚至連站都站不好;  蒼蠅到處飛,  每張臉孔充滿著無奈、無助、 無望! 他們哭泣、痛苦、害怕...

首次集合音樂人的大型慈善活動,至少有4種版本! 在14個國家榮登排行榜冠軍的寶座。

獨唱歌手出場順序:Paul Young, Boy George (Culture Club) , George Michael (Wham!), Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran), Sting (The Police), Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet), Bono (U2)....等。

另外,音樂演奏部份:Phil Collins 打鼓、John Taylor (Duran Duran) 彈貝斯.

隔年1985年3月美國群星跟進發行【We Are The World】,其光芒蓋過【Do They Know It’s Christmas】,更廣為人知!讓有些人不知道,當時<衣索比亞賑災>活動其實最早是由英國發起!


80's -90's Music #13 — 【Do They Know It's Christmas】

Band Aid — Original Version 1984

This is a pioneering charity single written by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure in 1984 to raise money for relief of the 1983-1985 famine in Ethiopia. They organized many of the biggest British and Irish pop stars to record the song under the name Band Aid. This was the first of the big group charity efforts among musicians. 

Back in 80's, people in Ethiopia were experiencing drought, storms and disease. Nothing grows without rain. This song tells us to remember what's happening elsewhere while you're celebrating Christmas. I'll never forget those TV images of starving people. They were crying and felt hopeless and depressed. 

It's now 33 years since this awesome song came out. I was in high school when I first heart it. Love watching all those fantastic singers in the video,

The song has since been covered many times and has continued to raise money.

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**Source : PhoneixRising100