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2017年12月4日 星期一

80'-90's 西洋音樂 Culture Club — 【Do You Really Want to Hurt Me】


80’s-90’s 西洋音樂 #10 — 【Do You Really Want to Hurt Me】
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Culture Club — Do You Really Want to Hurt Me (Music Video) 1982

收錄於1982年【Kissing to Be Clever】專輯 ,榮登英國排行榜冠軍,美國排行榜亞軍,蟬聯三周。
由四位團員共同作曲,主唱Boy George作詞,他依照個人同志情感經歷而寫下歌詞,剛開始他並不贊成發表這首歌!甚至威脅退團, 但沒想到這首歌大受歡迎!

主唱Boy George在唸書時期就已經開始化妝且穿著女性衣服,15歲被學校退學!他偏向女性的特殊裝扮及女性嗓音引起世人的注目(雖然他說話聲音頗男性的!),連帶著對歌曲銷售產生莫大幫助。


此歌曲帶有輕柔雷鬼節奏、些微的拉丁美洲風情,是一首悲傷的同志情歌 !在那個年代同志無法被大眾接受,大部分的人都躲在黑暗當中,無法見容於社會,戀情更無法攤在陽光底下!MV拍攝手法相當特別,Boy George 在 法院接受審判,其中還穿插1936年夜總會及1957年健康俱樂部的畫面; 陪審團人員全部臉部塗黑,你能明白這些其中的含意嗎?

另外,2001年Boy George和他的飲食導師共同出版【Karma Cookbook】,是一本有關⟪長壽飲食法⟫的食譜書!

【Monday Music Review】🎶

80’s-90’s Music #10 — ⟪Do You Really Want to Hurt Me⟫ 1982

Culture Club  — Do You Really Want to Hurt Me (Music Video) 1982

This song was written and recorded by the British new wave band Culture Club. 
Released as a single in 1982 from the album 【Kissing to Be Clever】.
It was the band’s First UK #1 hit and #2 in US for three weeks.
Boy George wrote the lyrics which was about his relationships with all the guys he dated at that time.
At that time, gay people had to stay in the closet and keep hidden from public. This is a very personal song for him and definitely a gay love song! 

Boy George dressed in women’s clothes and wore makeup in his school days.
He is known for his very feminine look and soft singing voice. 
This was a huge hit for the band as the audience were curious about the lead singer dressed like a girl.

This song is driven by a soft reggae beat and Caribbean rhythms. 
Can you figure out the meaning of this music video?

There is one thing you may not know. Boy George published 【Karma Cookbook】in 2001 with his private macrobiotic cook and teacher. 

Official Video:


**Source : CultureClubVEVO